Your 2019 Shoeboxes Were Shipped to Benin

and also to a Hard–To–Reach Area !

Dear 2019 Shoebox Donors at Johnson City Alliance Church,

We are happy to share that your shoebox gifts were shipped to Benin and a hard to reach area this year. We invite you to visit our website for more information about Operation Christmas Child in Benin.

We’d love to tell you more about hard to reach areas and our work in these countries.

Operation Christmas Child works in over 100 countries, some of which are considered “hard to reach” areas, primarily located in Africa and Asia with a few in Eastern Europe and the Americas. In hard to reach countries, for the safety of our ministry partners and local believers living in these regions, we cannot disclose the names of these countries. Hard to reach areas are difficult to access for a reason—whether it be for geographic, cultural, or religious reasons. Shoebox gifts delivered to hard to reach areas provide a platform for local believers to share Christ in a safe and culturally sensitive way, and allow ease of entry through customs.

One of our international representatives described the power of these simple gifts:

“In the very restricted environments, a shoebox becomes a key to a closed door. I desire to be involved in the work of love. In the remote areas where people have nothing, where people are dirt poor, this box gives them hope. This is love. True love. This opens the eyes of the people. Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness but have the light that leads to life (John 8:12).’ Through Operation Christmas Child, God has given us the opportunity to penetrate the darkest places in this world and share the Gospel.”

We encourage you to click the following link to learn more about how your shoebox gifts are making a difference in hard to reach areas. We pray this information is useful to you.

Because of caring people like you, children all over the world have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ, many for the first time. In the hands of local churches, every gift-filled shoebox is a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship—transforming the lives of children and their families around the world through the Good News of Jesus Christ!

We are eternally grateful for your support, and mostly your prayers, as we partner together to share God’s love through simple shoebox gifts.



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